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Garrett Calls on SEC to Delay SIPC Reconsideration

Washington, DC– October 3, 2011Statement from Ron Stein, President of the Network for Investor Action and Protection, on Rep. Garrett's Letter to SEC Chairman Shapiro:

"We applaud Chairman Garrett in his efforts to secure a fair and equitable solution for all Madoff victims.  The Chairman is wise to shine a light on the SEC's questionable decision process ridden with misapplications of law and enormous potential conflicts of interest for both SIPC and their Trustee.  We hope a rational reevaluation of SEC and SIPC policy can be achieved and that confidence in our investor protection regime can be restored."

"As we have asserted for some time, SIPC and the Trustee have looked to reduce payouts in order to protect the SIPC fund.  Protecting the fund over investors clearly defies congressional intent when SIPA was enacted.  Mr. Garrett's letter correctly indicates that protecting SIPC is not a standard allowed in law, and the entire decision must be fully reconsidered free of conflicts of interest. We hope the GAO will look at the conflict of interest issue to determine if the Trustee is capable of fulfilling his responsibilities responsibly and objectively."


About the Network for Investor Action and Protection (www.investoraction.org):

The Network for Investor Action and Protection (NIAP), is a not-for-profit organization founded by former investors of Bernard L Madoff Securities Inc. (BLMIS). An advocacy group for all victims of Ponzi frauds, NIAP supports regulatory reform to enforce effective policing for the prevention of future investment and securities fraud, and improved and proper support for all victims currently suffering from the unfortunate and potentially devastating fallout from this type of crime.